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Welcome to Dad’s Towing Services

Towing is our business and business is good!

Dad’s Towing Service believes that if you want something done it yourself. With more than 37 years in automotive repair experience the owner of Dad’s Towing Service finally decided to take matter into his own hands when dealing with towing services that did not deliver as promised.

Dad’s Towing Service now proudly serves many Tennessee counties including Davidson and many surrounding areas. By using their knowledge of automotive repair and keeping with their promise of consistent, reliable and affordable service, Dad’s Towing Service has given drivers peace of mind in times that they have had automotive problems.

Dad’s Towing Service knows vehicles inside and out. We know how to protect them and we know how to tow them. The next time you need towing assistance and more, we hope that you call Dad’s Towing Service.

We can guarantee you will be treated fairly, with respect and professionalism with Dad’s Towing Service, and your vehicle will be handled in a safe and secure manner.

If your vehicle has been damaged, needs transmission repair or needs repair work; our professional drivers can give you a recommendation of a trusted repair shop were you will be treated fairly.

You can never be certain when an automotive towing need may arise, but you can be confident that Dad’s Towing Service will be ready to serve you in a crisis. We recommend that you keep our number handy in your wallet/purse, glove box, cell phone and/or PDA. Print an extra copy out to give to loved ones who are driving for extra peace of mind that they will be taken care of when a need arises.

If you are currently looking to purchase a new car, Chase Mitchell also owns Mitchell Motor Company located in Madison Tennessee. You can visit the website to view the current inventory on autos that are for sale.

We Are Equipped With

• Light and Medium and Heavy duty trucks a,b,c class
• Rollback Trucks
• Tow Trucks
• Open and enclosed / motorcycle trailers
We also offer equipment hauling!

Also call Dad’s Towing for:
• Door Unlock – Automotive only
• Shed Removal and Hauling
• IMPOUNDS -Private Property Free Removal
• Jump Starts
• Flat Tire Change