Free Junk Car Removal

Need to Remove a Junk Car?

At Dad's Towing Service, our Free Junk Car Removal Program will remove your junk car or truck regardless of condition. Do you have a car that is no longer running or in need of costly repairs? We will tow away your junk car for free no matter the shape it’s in. We can have that car removed from your house or parking space today.

Dad's Towing hauls junk cars throughout Greater Nashville. We will remove and haul your car whether it runs, it's wrecked or doesn't start at all. We tow many cars each year and our customers get their junk car out of their life forever for free. 

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Call our 24-hour line at 615-833-3703 to get a truck dispatched to your location, or for more details for your specific needs.    

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Donation to Professional Training

Give Your Junk Car a Purpose Again

At Dad's Towing, we want to make the most of the junk cars that we haul. We are a proud partner of most area fire departments, where we provide car donation for volunteer fire fighter training. We also provide vehicle donation for National Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Responder training. A junk car might not have any more use in your possession, but thanks to our connections around the community, we are able to give a non-working car or truck a greater purpose.